FRHC Can Wire

Cu-FRHC (fire refined, high-conductivity) is uniquely micro-alloyed copper with a chemical composition that provides better mechanical and resistance properties than Cu-ETP because Cu-FRHC provides better dimensional stability. This stability is essential in can welding because under temperature and tension, less cross section is lost and there’s less elongation variation. In the end, the rolling process during welding of the can is more constant in width, avoiding defects. And with Cu-FRHC, there’s a potential to downsize the diameter of the wire used because Cu-FRHC won’t “neck-down” as much as the softer Cu-ETP can wire.

Cardboard Box
Packaging Dimensions

Height 37.5″
Diameter 44″
Core Diameter ~21″
Skid Height ~5″

Reel dimensions: DIN 800

in 0.0472 0.0492 0.0543 0.0591 0.0709
mm 1.20 1.25 1.38 1.50 1.80
in mm
0.0472 1.20
0.0492 1.25
0.0543 1.38
0.0591 1.50
0.0709 1.80