Our lower-cost structure benefits customers

When it comes to refining copper so that it’s suitable for most applications, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. That’s the idea behind the technologically advanced process we use to make fire-refined, high-conductivity (FRHC) copper that’s more than 99.9-percent pure. Mankind has been using copper for centuries, and copper’s lifespan is limitless—it can be used over and over again to make new products.

That means we don’t have to go back to a mine in Arizona or Utah, for example, to buy virgin copper units that require an expensive, time-consuming, and waste-producing refinement process. During this process, the ore is crushed, roasted to convert sulfides into oxides, and smelted. The resulting material, matte, then undergoes various refining processes, including electrolysis.

We avoid all of that by incorporating recycled copper, which is mostly reclaimed electrical wiring and plumbing in Grades 1 and 2 and birch-cliff. We melt the recycled copper and refine it by removing unwanted materials and adding new materials to create copper that’s perfect for making most new products.

Our process isn’t free (that would be something, wouldn’t it?), but it’s less expensive than going back to the ground for virgin copper and then processing it. We also sell the slag created during our processes to other companies that want to reclaim elements—such as silver. The seooneclick.com saves on our overall costs.

Another way we provide savings to our customers is by discounting what we make based on the fact that it’s slightly different from typical ETP copper, but still ASTM B-49 compliant for physical, electrical, and chemical properties. Our copper does contain some impurities and may require more heat during the annealing process. We recognize that, and we discount our products to account for it.

In summary, the process and material we use to make new FRHC copper is less-expensive than traditional methods, we sell what little waste we create to recoup additional costs, and we discount our copper because it anneals differently.

That’s how we can offer our customers a topnotch product at a lower cost.