FRHC Can Wire

Cu-FRHC (fire refined, high-conductivity) has a chemical composition that provides better mechanical and resistance properties than Cu-ETP because Cu-FRHC provides better dimensional stability. This stability is essential in can welding because under temperature and tension, less cross-section is lost and there’s less elongation variation. In the end, the rolling process during welding of the can is more constant in width, avoiding defects. And with Cu-FRHC, there’s a potential to downsize the diameter of the wire used because Cu-FRHC won’t “neck-down” as much as the softer Cu-ETP can wire.

Cardboard Box
Packaging Dimensions

Height 37.5″
Diameter 44″
Core Diameter ~18.5″
Skid Height ~5″

Common Wire Sizes

in 0.0472 0.0492 0.0543 0.0591 0.0709
mm 1.20 1.25 1.38 1.50 1.80
in mm
0.0472 1.20
0.0492 1.25
0.0543 1.38
0.0591 1.50
0.0709 1.80